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Sissy and I

on June 5, 2013


“Sissy, I want some cherries.”  I texted my sister last Monday.  Come Wednesday, all the way from Alabang, she brought me two trays of cherries (which I will gobble down promptly after I write this blog!).  What a sweetie, right?

It brings me back to our “bonding days”, when she was still single and we could do whatever we wanted.  When we were little, we didn’t really get along very well.  She was much older than me and while I was still playing with Legos, she was already putting on makeup, nail polish, and hair spray (yes, she was an ’80s kid).  In one of our cat fights, she used her uber long fingernails to claw at my arms.  When I went to school, my classmates and teacher asked me what happened and I told them, “I fell off a tree.”  I got back at her by drawing on her notebooks and cutting holes into her favorite shirt/skirt.

Then one day, probably we both matured, we became the best of friends.  She even helped put me through med school.  She paid part of my tuition, bought my books, gave me allowance, and paid part of my apartment rent.  On weekends, she would fetch me from my apartment so that I could spend the weekend at home and bring me back on Sunday night.  She rewarded me by bringing me to the movies and feeding me my favorite food.

When she got married, little changed.  Whenever she went out shopping for clothes, I would always have a blouse or two.  Twice a year, she would take me out shopping during end-of-season sales. She would buy a lot of bags, use them a couple of times and then give them to me (probably so that I would not refuse the new bags).  At one time, she gave me a steady supply of revel bars from the Saturday market until I thought I had diabetes!  She even bought me a bejeweled dog key chain and a Swarovski dog pendant when she came upon these in her travels to other countries.

Going back to the cherries, the majority was sweet, some were bitter, some were sour, and some tasted like wine…just like my sissy and I.  Thanks sissy! Thank you for being my second mother and best friend.  I love you to pieces.


2 responses to “Sissy and I

  1. Ethel says:

    Lucky you for having a sister like her….it’s a blessing.

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