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Summer Rain

on May 13, 2013


When we were in grade school, we were taught that in the Philippines, we had two seasons:  The dry (summer) and the wet (rainy) season.  Hey, it’s summer!!! So why is it raining?

Actually, we all know why: Climate change.  It rains during the summer and it’s still hot during the rainy season.  But still, this did not stop our company from having an outing.

The sun was scorching when we arrived at our destination, Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas.  The heat made me want to jump in the pool in my street clothes! It didn’t surprise me when I felt big drops of sweat run down my forehead, neck, and back.  My naturally wavy hair couldn’t be restrained from poofing up.  I looked like a poodle who just finished working out at the gym (hence, no pictures of me will be shown).


We were served welcome drinks as we were led to our cabanas.  After we settled into our cabana, I sneaked out to do some picture-taking of the place before we got busy.  They had an infinity pool, a kiddie pool, and a wading pool with a fountain at the center under a canopy of palm trees and fire trees.  Blue tiles lined the pool and just looking at the pool made me feel refreshed already.  I promised myself to change into my bathing suit and dive in as soon as I finished taking pictures.  I quickly made my way to the beach to finish my task.  The beach had semi-fine white sand with little ghost crabs flitting about.  There were colorful flags lining the beach that flew lazily in the wind.  There was also a jet ski and a motorboat with a banana boat in tow parked on the water’s edge.  A volleyball net was set up near the cabanas ready for use.






Most of my workmates were already heading to the beach and lining up for the water activities. Since it was my first time to join the company outing, I didn’t know that mornings were spent at the beach and afternoons were spent in the pool.  I didn’t feel confident about my swimming skills to participate in the water activities so I decided to wait in the cabana and read from my tablet.  A while later, one of my workmates was injured when their banana boat turned over.  She had a golf ball-sized swelling on her temple.  I had her put ice on it but I knew her to be hypertensive so I had to watch her closely.


After a sumptuous lunch, l got ready for my swim.  And then… it rained!!! Large raindrops fell on our cabana and lightning cut across the sky.  My workmates who were already swimming in the beach and in the pool were politely asked by the staff to get out of the water for safety reasons.  Sigh.  Foiled plan.  It was a blessing in disguise though because I got to do what I did best, zone out.  The air was no longer humid and it had quite a comfy temperature.  I put on my earphones, turned on my music and read a book.  I almost dozed off when I was told by a workmate that the rain had stopped and we could now proceed to the beach/pool.  I checked the clock… almost time to go.  I said, “Go ahead, I think I’ll just enjoy the scenery, ” which I did.


There will always be a next time.  But hey, the rain will always be welcome.


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