"Me Time!"

Yes, there is life outside of work!!! Let's go!


on May 4, 2013


There are times when I crave to be alone, especially after a busy week of work and daily chores. This is the time when I recharge and let my mind wander and let my heart feel what it feels.  Today, I gave myself the gift of solitude.

Since the cleaning of my pickup’s a/c  has been long overdue, I started my day by bringing “Greenie” to Frigidzone at Kalayaan Avenue.  The shop had a small customers’ lounge so I brought a book to read while I waited for my pickup.  The lounge’s a/c was on full blast and I was quite comfy sitting alone on the wooden bench.   I never got around to reading the book though because I was fascinated by the shop’s “Aspin” (asong Pinoy/local dog).  She was a short-haired, medium-sized, brown dog with black, floppy ears, and a pointed black nose.  She looked like a supervisor, sniffing at the customers and their cars and just walking around and observing the goings-on in the shop.  After her “rounds”, she plopped down at the entrance of the lounge with her body parallel to the glass door.  She actually blocked the doorway!  Then it occurred to me… she was trying to cool herself down with what little air that leaked out from under the door.  As time passed, people started to come in.  I was amazed at how people respected the dog and took extra care to step over her and not disturb her.  I realized two things:  1.  The dog was really smart.  2.  There is still good in people.  3.  I should’ve left the book at home (‘coz it was heavy and it was more fun to watch the world).

Next stop for “Greenie Day”… change oil.    I went to a nearby Petron gas station at Katipunan Avenue which had a mini-mall complete with restaurants, a convenience store, a barber shop, a bank, and Starbucks.  I deposited my pickup at the basement and proceeded to Jollibee (the #1 local hamburger franchise).  I got myself a hotdog, fries, and Sarsi (rootbeer).  I took a table at the second floor as the first floor was just wild with activity.  I ate slowly and immersed myself with people-watching.  Across my table, there was a woman in her 30s or 40s who appeared to be studying for an exam.  I tried to peek at what she was reading and saw some pictures of x-rays.  My guess was that she was studying for the medical boards.  I felt her anxiety.  In another table, there was a family of three, a mom, a daughter, and a son with a man who was in his 60s.  The family didn’t talk to the man much and I figured that he must’ve been their driver.  He looked tired and sad and I felt a bit sorry for him.  Then there was another family with a little girl who looked so happy and excited as she ate her spaghetti and chicken.  I heard my phone’s text alert and it was time to fetch Greenie.

It felt good to spend some time by myself.  It gave me a chance to be an outsider/observer. Sometimes, I get so caught up in myself and my concerns that I forget that other people had problems of their own and feelings that go with them.  I forget that I am a mere speck in this universe and there are things which are bigger than me.  I forget to count my blessings and thank God.  Not everybody appreciate solitude but for me, it’s a welcome treat.  Try it!


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