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“World Bank sets ‘expiration date’ on poverty”

on April 21, 2013

Two children beg on an pedestrian overpass in Manila

When I was little, I always wondered about the beggars in the streets, how they ate, how they slept, and how they felt about life in general.  I felt sorry for them and felt guilty that I ate three meals a day, had a  house to sleep in, and had a chance to go to school.  I used to give the street kids/adults some coins when I had the chance but I was told that they would just buy rugby or some cheap drug so I shifted to giving them simple foods like biscuits instead.

As I got older, I envied my classmates who were rich.  They didn’t seem to have a care in the world and during recess, they could buy whatever they wanted without counting their money first, unlike me.  I knew exactly how much I had and I had to budget my money wisely.

A little later on, before my financial awakening, I realized that I was actually lucky to be in the middle because I had a choice.  It was up to me to choose if I wanted to have a better life.  I had all the tools that I needed, including a little money, to get where I wanted to go.

Yes, even those living below poverty have this choice but they don’t have the tools to better themselves, maybe they have resigned themselves to their situation and lost hope, or maybe they just need a little inspiration from us to change their mindset.

In my own little way, I have started to share what I’ve learned about managing finances and investing to my workmates and friends.

I really wish to see a Philippines that is free of poverty in 2030.  May God bless the leaders of the World Bank in this endeavor.


Photo courtesy of http://www.philaid.org


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