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The Summer of White Beach and Windmills

on April 14, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone!  I woke up today with Mr. Sun on my face.  I usually sleep in during Sundays but Mr. Sun just wouldn’t let me!  My first thought for the day…”I wish I was at the beach.”  Since I couldn’t just get up and go, I decide to reminisce a bit.

One summer a few years ago, a couple of friends, JY and I planned a northern adventure.  Our friends decided to brave the 10- to 12-hour land trip from Manila to Laoag while JY and I preferred to take a 45-minute flight via Cebu Pacific.  When JY and I landed in the small, charming airport, we went for a 2-hour drive to reach our resort.  It was a bumpy ride since the roads leading to the resort were yet to be developed but it was survivable.  We were greeted by the picturesque mountains on the left and inviting white-sand beach on the right.  I couldn’t wait to dip in the clear, blue waters!


We stayed at Kapuluan Vista Resort (http://kapuluanvistaresortandrestaurant.com/).  It had a nice facade, with a lookout balcony, and several bungalow-type “huts”.  It was nestled at the foot of the mountain and faced the South China Sea.  Its centerpiece was an above-ground pool surrounded by palm trees, which swayed with the wind, and wooden beach chairs.  We got the dorm-type room which did not have A/C but was quite cool and airy.  Wind came in through the door and was supported by a giant ceiling fan.  Although there were also air-conditioned rooms, we decided on experiencing the fresh air of Ilocos (plus it was less pricey!).  There was also a complimentary breakfast everyday with several choices, including the famous longanisa (Philippine version of chorizo/sausage).  We could have actually spent our whole vacation just at the resort!





But of course, we didn’t!  We saw the sunrise in our front yard and walked a few meters to the beach.  The waves were quite big and intimidating but we dove in anyway.  I heard that this beach was the perfect location for surfing… too bad nobody in our group knew how to surf!  I learned that you had to jump with the waves after several episodes of being washed ashore against my will, with sand and little rocks inside my swimsuit.  We were fortunate enough to swim on the first day as on the second day, there were a lot of jellyfish on the shore and in the water.  That’s why we drove to nearby Saud Beach and spent the day there until sunset.




On our last day, we went to see the Bangui Windmills. I didn’t know we had windmills in the Philippines and I was in awe of the gigantic turbines.  Mr. Sun was scorching that day so we decided to take some regular and some wacky pictures quickly.




It was definitely a trip worth repeating.  Just a few tips to enjoy your trip to Pagudpud: Bring extra cash as there are no ATMs in Pagudpud, put on sunscreen, wear sunglasses, light clothing, a hat, and comfortable shoes/flip flops, bring at least a decent point-and-shoot camera, and wear a one-piece bathing suit if you want to brave the South China Sea waves!!!


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