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Halo Halo!

on April 11, 2013

“The heat is on, the heat is uh-on! It’s on the streets, woohoo! The heat is on!”  These lyrics couldn’t be more apt.  You can literally feel the heat rising from the pavement and baking your skin.  The highest temperature in the metro so far has been 35.4 degrees C.  So last Saturday, my significant other (JY) and I drove to Icebergs to soothe our parched throats and “hot heads”.

Halo halo   Iceberg2

With great anticipation, I ordered the specialty of the house…(drum roll) halo halo!!!  Halo halo is a well-known dessert/snack in the Philippines.  It is primarily crushed ice, milk and sugar with sweetened banana, red beans, nata de coco, kaong, young coconut strips, jack fruit and sweet corn topped with leche flan, ube (purple yam), and pinipig (pounded rice flakes).  Sometimes, it is also topped with vanilla, ube or mango ice cream.  It’s called “halo halo” because you “mix, mix” all the ingredients together.  The result is a yummy, refreshing, and filling concoction.

My order finally arrived and I must say, my halo halo did not disappoint!  I felt better and better with every bite.  Good bye crankiness and hello calmness.  I could feel the endorphins flowing through my body.  Aaaah.  I looked up to check on JY.  He looked happy and content with his Mais Con Yelo (sweet corn with crushed ice, milk, vanilla ice cream, and mango ice cream) as well.  Looks like we’ll be coming back next Saturday!


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